Sarah Darwin sails again!

Sarah Darwin, Charles Darwin’s great-great-granddaughter, will re sail her forefather’s famous voyage on the H.M.S.Beagle, on the imposing ship ‘Clipper Stad Amsterdam’. While Charles Darwin’s observations during his journey around the world later led to his publication of the Origin of Species, VPRO’s upcoming television series “Beagle, on the Future of Species”, will sail the entire voyage again, this time investigating the earth’s future, 150 years after the renowned publication that changed the way we view the world. And you can be a part of this beautiful voyage.

Sarah Darwin will begin her journey on the 1st of September from the same location as her great-great-grandfather did with H.M.S. Beagle, 178 years before, in Plymouth. The start of such an exhilarating expedition must not go by unnoticed, therefore a noteworthy event will take place. Many descendants of Charles Darwin, such as Randal Keynes and Emma Darwin, will, together with the Lord Mayor of Plymouth, Rear Admiral Ian Moncrieff and the national and international press, receive a chance to climb on board the Clipper and share their stories, before the ship sets sail.

Therefore, we would like to ask boat owners to join us in the Plymouth sound and join us in a send of escort of the Beagle. We assemble in the Plymouth Sound around 1.30 pm and leave around 2 pm on Tuesday September first. Boat owners are welcome to join us and see our spectacular sailing vessel and armada!

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