Terms and conditions, Parking, Breakfast at the Athenaeum Lodge.
Athenaeum Lodge Hotel - Plymouth Bed and Breakfast

Terms and Conditions

Last Updated (20th May 2015)

Booking Accommodation

We require certain information to allow us to process your booking and verbally notify you of the booking arrangements. To secure a booking, valid credit card details are required to cover the costs for the period of stay. When you book by any communication means and at our discretion, to secure the booking we need to know your name, house number and post code, contactable telephone number, preferably a mobile number and expected arrival time. We will under certain circumstances require your full home or business address. You will be informed at this time of the availability of the Terms and Conditions. Generally only Email confirmation of a booking is available upon request.

You must notify us of any special requirements when booking your accommodation.  We must be advised on arrival of any special requirements that have arisen since your booking, which may affect your stay in the Athenaeum Lodge. Outside influences, i.e., weather, events, food, parking, etc, are your sole responsibility and need to be considered if staying here.  You will be required to sign a Registration form, which implies you and also any member of your party that you have booked for have read and understood these Terms and Conditions. 

Payment on day of arrival, or by arrangement only. We accept most major cards as listed below plus some others except American Express. On some bookings we will require a deposit to be paid prior to arrival, normally 30%.
mastercard - Switch/Maestro - VISA• MasterCard         • Switch/Maestro                  • Visa
A card charge of 3% will apply on all card payments. Not applicable to payments by cheque or cash.
We are committed to protecting your privacy and take our responsibilities regarding the security of your credit card information very seriously. In accordance with the Data Protection principles and legal requirements personal information supplied above will be shredded after payment processing and in accordance with UK law, unless you request otherwise.

Check In / Check Out

Unless an agreed arrangement has been made by both parties – (Guest and Proprietor)
• You may check in from 12.00 - 14:00 hours and 16:30 - 19:00. (Mon- Sat)
• You may check in from 12.00 - 14:30 hours and 16:30 onwards. (Sun)
• You must check out by 10:30 hours the morning of departure.
Arrival after 19:00 is by arrangement only.
Please advise us of your arrival time, otherwise we will assume you will arrive between 18:00 - 19:00. If for any reason this changes we must be informed. We cannot guarantee access to the Guest House immediately if your actual arrival time deviates wildly from your expected arrival time. On arrival please inform us of any special circumstances, or requirements, where we may be of assistance.

Private Car Parking

Car parking is available in the Lodge’s car park on a first come basis and car keys must be left at the Lodge under all circumstances. Leaving the keys implies for Lodge employees holding a current driving license to be able to move your car within the car park and lane. Cars and movement of cars as described are at your own risk If this is not acceptable then you may not park in the car park. full english breakfast


Breakfast: Monday – Friday: 07:30 – 08:45; Sat & Sun/Bank Hol: 0800 – 0900. 
Breakfasts are included with accommodation.

Room Service Breakfast is available upon request.  Room Service Breakfast will be served to your room before start of breakfast times above.
Special food requirements not on the menu are catered for, where possible, but notice must be given in advance.

Use of the wireless Internet is free. Please enquire for WEP key. Use of the Athenaeum Lodge Internet must be in strict accordance with UK law. The computer in the breakfast room is free to use. Do not put a drink on the computer table.


To avoid cancellation charges bookings must be cancelled 14 days prior to the day of arrival.  Failure to notify us within this period will result in a charge for the cost of the booking for the entire period of stay. A No Show for the duration of your agreed stay will result in a full charge being made for the entire period of stay. Group Bookings: Full payment required unless notice is given two months in advance for cancellation. On some bookings we will require a deposit to be paid prior to arrival, normally 30%.

Please advise us immediately upon arrival if (a) you are unhappy with any of the accommodation that we are providing or (b) you wish to curtail part of your stay or (c) you wish to change your type of accommodation during your stay. However cancellation policies above still apply. Use of the room after arrival implies acceptance of booking. If you are charged for failure to cancel within the specified period at the Athenaeum Lodge, travel insurance may cover you.

A contract for reservation of accommodation at a guesthouse or similar establishment, whether in writing or not, imposes an obligation on the proprietor to hold accommodation at the disposal of the guest for the agreed period and on the guest to pay for the accommodation. If either party seeks to vary or cancel this contract this can only be done by mutual agreement or, in the absence of such an agreement, subject to liability to compensate the other party for any loss occasioned thereby. Cancellation of a booking by a guest without the consent of the proprietor, or failure to arrive on the due date for whatever reason, including illness, entitles the proprietor to claim compensation in accordance with the guesthouse  Policy. If we are threatened in any way with regard to a booking, i.e. Violence, Blackmail, etc, we will report those activities to the appropriate authorities immediately.


Whilst in the Guest House any damage, including smoking, theft, soiling, loss or sub-sequential loss, injury to persons or property belonging to Athenaeum Lodge Guest House, Guests or Employees or anybody involved in the Athenaeum Lodge Guest House, must be reported before leaving the Guest House to a suitable member of staff so that appropriate action can be taken. Where applicable charges will be made so that monies can be recovered by whatever means to the person(s) or company(s) that book(s) the room, however booked, which may not be the person that occupies the room. A minimum charge of £50 will be levied on such damage.
Providing information and understanding the above implies that you agree with the Athenaeum Lodge Terms and Conditions.

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