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Guest House Internet Access - WIFI

With fast Wireless Internet for every resident it makes checking email and working whilst staying with us easy for you. We have a fast broadband connection that is available in every room in the guesthouse.

For the technical

The Wireless Access Point is a D-Link DWL2100AP 802.11g 108 Mbps. This is situated in the main hallway, the central point in the B&B. This provides excellent coverage throughout the building, so you should not experience any problems with signal strength. The Access Point is directly connected through Ethernet cabling to an 8 port Nway 100mbit switch which in turn is connected to a Zyxel P-600 series modem. The Access Point is utilises advanced encryption techniques so you will be quite secure when using the network, but you will need password details in order to access the Internet. The system works happily with any platform including PC, Macintosh and Unix workstations.

You are reminded that you must use the Internet connection in accordance with the UK law.

free WIFI Internet Access

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